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My Sister's Heels and Leggings
This is a fictional story but for some it may be real.

It was summer 2017, I was a guy of 20 yrs. old and very skinny.  I could say I could pass as a woman.  I had a long hair that came to my neck, well developed legs and my buttocks looked very voluptuous.  My hips were well trained like the look of a woman.

It turns out that in that summer season I always wanted to dress in women's dress and wear high heels like the way a woman do.  Sometimes I was jealous of my sister Jessica, because she always wore sexy outfit and she used to buy expensive high heels.

She had the body of a model and she had a long straight hair that reached her hips. When she puts on some of her sexy heels and outfits, she looks like a very attractive and sexy woman. I sometimes wanted to grab some of their clothes and put them on. Wearing makeup and wearing some of her heels.

Something would tell me that my sister suspected about me, but I did not pay much attention. The weekend arrived and my parents decided to leave early since they were going to take a long trip to visit my aunt Mary who lives 100 miles away from home.

Then my sister decides to leave as well, she gets ready and packed a few clothes, panties and some heels. She sometimes left clothes on her bed and did not worry about putting them back in the closet.

She let me know that she was going to visit her friend Andrea and she was going to stay at her friend’s house and she was not coming back until Sunday night.  I happily said in my mind, wow I have the whole weekend just for me. As soon as my sister left, I quickly went to the bathroom and I took a shower. Then I shaved my legs which I did not have much hair.  Finally I was ready to bathe and was ready for my journey.

With my bathrobe on, I went directly to her room. On the bed I saw a few dresses, lingerie, waist cincher, panties and leggings that were like faux leather and they looked good to try them on.  Then I decided to grab a transparent lace black teddy suit with long sleeve, black bra with embroidered roses. I grabbed the leggings, the waist cincher and I went to look for 5" high black heels with red soles that were on the shelf in her closet.

[Image: leggings-001.jpg]

I started by slipping on the transparent lace teddy, then I put on the waist cincher to adjust my hips, I put on the leggings that tightened my legs very well and adjusted to my thighs. Then I put the bra and I adjust it well to my chest. Finally I put on a 5" heels that carved very well, I was size 8.5" just like my sister.

I started to walk slowly with my sister’s heels on, to balance myself and walk in like a woman. I see myself in the mirror and that body that was transformed through those clothes wrapped in a woman. I could not believe it was me.

Finally, I walked in with those heels and sounding the floor I went straight to my sister's dresser and I started to do my makeup. I put on foundation, concealer, eye shadows, eyeliner and everything I could do to transform my face like a woman. Then I put on red glossy lipstick.

[Image: SissieBoy-048.jpg]

Then I combed my hair and applied a hair spray that shone bright and straight my long hair.  I was almost ready, I just needed to put some earrings that pressed on the ears. I found some black pearls that matched my outfit.

I began to walk sensually and see myself in the mirror. That woman who looked in the mirror could not believe it was me. With those leggings that squeezed my thighs and waist cincher made that touch of a woman, while showing off those heels and flashes my buttocks while I was walking.

I was sensually aroused and I felt that desire to share with a girl. To have a conversation from a woman to a woman. I felt like a girl full of love and passion.

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