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High Heels at a Glance - Features and Styling Tips
Just like classic men's shoes, lace-up pumps are considered elegant , yet are quite comfortable . Often, just like men's shoes, they are made of multicolored leather , for example, the toe and / or heel cap has a different color than the rest of the shoes. Without lace pattern, the suede version comes a bit more robust and fits perfectly with the fall wardrobe.

Slingbacks, lovingly called slings by many women, are named after the ankle strap, which recognizes them and differentiates them, for example, from Mary Jane's. Shoe makers also refer to the horizontal strap over the instep as a bridge, more precisely as a T-bridge. A much more common form of the slings, however, is the high heel shoe with heel straps. Instead of a sturdy heel cap, the shoe is open and held only by a narrow strap on the heel. However, since the toe cap is closed, heel-free slings are still considered the correct business shoe in summer.

Lace pumps with lower heels (up to 4" high or 10 cm) are ideal for casual business too. They match the trouser suit as well as the casual business outfit. They become even more serious. It makes them more comfortable and fashionable in everyday life.

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